Breaking The Horse

Pauly Cunningham is Breaking The Horse. A project he started after his former band disbanded over 3yrs ago.

Pauly’s music is nothing short of honesty at its best with his vocals being that would be considered a classic strong sound. His new material is pulled from all genres over the last four decades. Some could say there’s a little Pink Floyd, Ray Charles, Bob Seger & Florence & The Machine, but in reality it sounds like Pauly (Breaking The Horse).

Pauly’s currently working on the new songs for his first BTH record tentatively tittled “Honesty Is A Gift” With the first two songs, (Home & Breathe) recorded and mixed at the famous Magic Shop studios in NYC Pauly and mates took full advantage of the studio’s one of a kind custom analog Neve console that came out of the BBC studios in London. As well as all the vintage gear like a Mellotron and many other old keys going through a Lesslie.
It’s easy to hear the difference from todays traditional recordings and what Pauly and producer Richard Barone (The Bongos) are doing at the Magic Shop.

Pauly is continually writing for this new record in hopes it will be released by Spring of 2014. So keep your ears close by as you don’t want to miss what’s coming next…

For more information, visit Breaking The Horse online at facebook, soundcloud and bandpage.



Overall Review of Music:

“Hundreds of songs come across my desk that are written and performed by some of the most sought after songwriters and artists living in music cities such as New York & Nashville.  Paul’s music by far, surpasses most of the music I hear on a daily bases.  Paul’s songs are diverse, refreshing and certainly relatable.  Each song transports you to a new place, another world almost with the diversity of his sound and lyrical content with the story he tells.  He has amazing scope and vision for his craft.  I can’t wait to hear what the rest of his album brings to the table.

– Katie Mae Mabry, SESAC, Writer/Publisher Relations, Nashville, TN



Review for “Home”

“Home” immediately a grabs your attention with the opening melody.  The entire song is all-encompassing as it relates differently to each individual differently in how it relates to one’s life.  “Home” is honest which can leave one feeling melancholy, bring you back to familiarity or a bitter sweet memory of memories that are unable to be created again due to life circumstance. “Home” leaves you with more courage and strength for the future.  This recording is raw; it’s not overdone with pro tools and completely natural expressing soul and honesty.

– Katie Mae Mabry, SESAC, Writer/Publisher Relations, Nashville, TN


Review for “Breath”

As you are absorbed in the melody of “Breath” your emotions change as the song digs deeper as it is reveals a strong and abstract story expressing ones true feelings creating a commonplace for the listener. “Breath” awakens your heart and mind and becomes tangible as it enlightens the soul.  The authentic tone and lyrics remind us of our current and past mental existence which is the core to every great song. “Breath” gives you a more modern twist then” Home” giving enough diversity to want to hear more.

– Katie Mae Mabry, SESAC, Writer/Publisher Relations, Nashville, TN



“Paul Cunningham has a voice that embodies all the powerful, masculine sensitivity you can ask for, and a creative sensibility that transcends genre. Working with Paul is a unique pleasure because the minute he starts singing the sound is instantly classy and classic. The dude rocks.”

– Richard Barone