BEMULAR | Singer/Songwriter


Todd is a rare Trent Reznor type who can do it all. He is brilliant, unique, and highly motivated. Combine this with someone who writes, records and produces music 100% by himself in an apartment, and you have a winning combination. I want to make this very clear: Todd is special. I’m talking about how people like Frank Zappa, Elliott Smith and Beck are special. There is only one Frank Zappa. Only one Elliott Smith. Only one Beck. Their music is their own, and they each have a spark of genius that can’t be faked. It is a bold statement to make about some unknown artist you happen to be working with, but it has to be made…Todd belongs in this category. There is only one Todd.

Could you ever understand the greatness of Zappa from one song? Or even three? With the five songs available on this page, keep this idea in this mind. Start with the three downloadable songs, then watch the two videos. If you are liking what you hear, listen to the three downloadable songs one more time, as Todd’s music benefits from a second listen more than most. There is no box you can put Todd in. Todd is sitting on a pile of over fifty songs, and each one is just about as good as any of the others. They are all different. Fifty damn good songs. This is what Todd is: a one-of-a-kind, song producing machine. As much as any unknown artist I have ever known, Todd’s music deserves to be out in the world, rattling around in people’s heads. Our goal is to get Todd’s music into the ears of the world as best we can. College radio, commercials, movies, Forever 21, etc….bring it on. Todd is ready to go.